Chairman Message

From 1986, Peisun Chemical Co., Ltd.’s always has had a business philosophy that is customer-oriented and technology-based along with cordial service. Since its inception there has been a strong dedication in devoting to develop a variety of metalworking lubrication and surface treatment products that has always met customer needs. For instance, pickling corrosion inhibitor, oxide rejecting promoter, rust preventative oil, non-metal anti-discoloration agent, pressing oil, cutting oil, drawing oil, forming oil, abstergent, lubricants and other main product lines are the result of the accumulated technology built for many years. These technologies have well met different kinds of needs in many industrial fields, such as iron and steel industry, motor vehicles assembling, home appliances, machine tools, metal processing, and 3C industries.
Processing technology has been getting increasingly sophisticated in recent years, our goal is to provide a better customer support, solve the difficulties of processing and train local talents. On June 18, 2010, Pei sun Chemical Co., Ltd. spent huge sums to set up an R & D center in Taiwan. With updated research equipment and technical personnel, a new generation of product research and manufacturing are developed to solve more difficult processing procedures. In addition, we launched a new concept in terms of green technology and a new type of development to meet higher standard in making environmental specification oil while devoting to be sure to keep “go green “as the first priority.
Until then, courtesy supports from all sectors allow us to complete four production planets in Taiwan, Zhuhai, Shanghai and Jinan. In addition, we offer 30 and more outlets in China and Vietnam. In order to provide a closer distance to users, we commit in furnishing a more intimate and prompt service.
Finally, please allow me to have the opportunity to thank my customers and suppliers for their great support. Without their valuable support, there is no Peisun Chemical as it is today. Peisun Chemical will grow together with customers and suppliers in the future. With that in mind, Pei sun Chemical will be courageous and keep perseverance to face challenges. We look forward to making a greater and greater contribution to the industry of chemicals.