Northern Heart Tapei Co.,Ltd.was established in 1979. In 1986, it established a joint venture with Sugimura Co., Ltd. and established the current peisun Chemical Co., Ltd.
According to customer demand, a factory was established in Taoyuan in 1991. 1996- 2000, factories and business locations were successively established in Jinan, Shanghai, Zhuhai, and other places.
In 2010, a research and development building was established in Taoyuan.
At present, the Taiwan Peisun Factory and R&D team are located in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, and opened on May 18, 2018.
After 35 years of hard work, we currently have factories and several business offices in Taiwan, Jinan, Shanghai, Zhuhai, and Vietnam to provide more intimate and immediate services.
The design of the plant complies with fire protection and hazardous materials laws and regulations, with emphasis on labor and environmental safety.
Useing PLC system, comply with standardized operation procedures, and strictly control and ensure stable quality.
We have more than 60 years of basic research and experience accumulation in Japan,
and provide professional product technical support.
Think about the development of new products from the customers side,
so that products have a competitive advantage in the market.
We have many analytical instruments and testing equipment,
as well as stable technology development capabilities and improve product value.
Pass ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, continue to promote quality improvement and comply with various regulatory requirements,
and install solar-related equipment in 2020 to reduce environmental burden, commit to energy saving and carbon reduction, fulfill corporate responsibilities, and work hard to protect the global environment.