Observe the Relevant Environmental Regulations, Pollution Prevention Agreements and Actively Maintain them.

To develop and maintain an environmental management system to ensure effective environmental management. Comply with the spirit and environmental regulations of ISO 14001 and pursue continuous improvement. As a standard for the implementation and the system audits by relevant personnel which including the following :

  1. Search for international and national regulations, maintain the latest documents and update the company documents to comply with the regulations.
  2. As control projects to content environmental protection requirement and the surrounding commitment for customer order.
  3. Establish a "Management procedure for the identification of environmental regulations" to record all environmental regulations and regulations applicable to the activities, products and services of the enterprise, as well as other policy requirements and keep to pursue the latest regulations and developments.
  4. To make clear all relevant departments and all levels of personnel play their own role well in achieving environmental goals.

Energy Conservation and Rresource Efficiency.

The energy use in the plant can be adjusted effectively by recording, so as to enable all units to follow and improve the efficiency of use which including the following :

  1. The main energy used by our company is electric power, gas and water. The usage is calculated and reviewed every month to serve as the basis for operation adjustment.
  2. Responding to the government's energy saving policy, and adding green energy equipment for solar power generation in the factory.
  3. The use of recoverable and renewable alternative materials for the production process, operation objects, raw materials and product selection is moving towards the goal of zero-emission circular economy.

Strengthen Waste Reduction and Educate Staff on Environmental Management.

  1. Develop "Environmental Impact Assessment and Identification Management Procedures" to effectively control pollution and discharges from major environmental impacts and improve them, by means of waste reduction, includes recycling and reprocessing.
  2. Meet and communicate in public on a regular or irregular basis to effectively understand the environmental improvement and implementation status to actively achieve the goals.
  3. Regular education and promotion of knowledge about environmental protection and effective environmental improvement.
  4. To recycle the waste generated in the production process to reduce the environmental burden.