SUNROLL Polishing Oil

  1. Polishing oil SUNROLL
  2. Roll Forming Oil SUNROLL

Polishing Oil SUNROLL

The straightening oil must have lubricity, rust prevention, cooling and other properties. It is used in the final process of polishing rod processing. Therefore, the grinding and straightening oil suitable for the working conditions must be selected. Our company's SUNROIL is the most suitable product researched and developed in accordance with various operating conditions on site.

Item Appearance Viscosity 40°C;cst Flash Point °C Merit and Application
L-190 Brown 16 >160 Good anti-rust, lubricant and wear resistance properties
L-190A Yellow 30 >160 High wear resistance performance
L-190C Yellow 30 >170 Good anti-rust, lubricant and wear resistance properties
L-193 Yellow 13 >160 Stainless steel and steel; polishing process
L-193H Brown 22 >160 Stainless steel and difficult process materials; high lubricity
L-200 Yellow 13 >160 Copper bar; straightening and polish process
L-1190C Yellow 20 >160 Good anti-rust, lubricant and wear resistance properties
L-2207L Brown 20 >160 Chlorine free; stainless steel, steel; straightening and polish process

Roll Forming Oil SUNROLL

Roller extrusion processing oil is suitable for pipe making of pipe fittings, automobile bumpers, automobile door guard strips, etc. It has excellent lubricity, anti-rust and degreasing properties.

Item Appearance Viscosity 40°C;cst PH PressuPressure Load kg/cm2 200 r.p.m. Application
LE-11 Brown Emulsification Type 9.9(2.5 %) 12(2.5 %) Stainless steel and iron
LE-17N Brown Emulsification Type 9.2(2.5 %) 10(2.5 %) Iron, aluminum and zinc