Introduction Products : Lubricants for molding in particular sizes and shapes.
Application :

  1. Excellent lubricating properties
  2. - Improved dimensional size accuracy
  3. - Products with high quality
  4. - Extended the lifespan of tools.

  6. Good working environment
  7. - Lowers the amount of oil mist.
  8. - Low oily smell
  9. - Superior protection for machines

Benefit :

  1. It is applicable to various shape operations
  2. - Products made with various types of the forming oils have obtained outstanding results in the field
Items Appearance Viscosity 40°C;cst Flash Point °C Merit and Application
M-191 Brown 49 >200 Light forming process; machine oil
M-301B Light Yellow 11 >200 Aluminum forming process; general metal workpiece head trimming and forming process
M-301K Brown 58 >200 Aluminum and copper; forming process
M-320ET Dark Brown 80 >200 Chlorine free; nut shaping and forming process
M-322P Dark Brown 100 >200 Stainless steel; screw shaping process
M-380GW Brown 103 >180 Stainless steel; nut warm forging process
M-380GP Dark Brown 110 >200 Chlorine free; stainless steel forming and penetration process
M-381GE Brown 74 >190 For drawing and penetration process
M-381GW Dark Brown 55 >170 Stainless steel; nut warm forging process
M-388U Brown 75 >190 Difficult processing metals; forming process; especially for strong stretching process
M-422A Dark Brown 60 >200 Stainless nut forming
M-555A Light Brown 80 >130 Aluminum press processing oil with low residual carbon content
M-834B Brown 85 >200 Strong oil adhesive property; nut and bolt forming process
M-2468C Dark Brown 400 >200 Free chlorine, stainless steel material cross hole processing
M-3300L Brown 105 >200 General forming oil for screw shaping and forming process
M-3330G Dark Brown 100 >200 Chlorine free; nut shaping and forming process
M-3380D Light Brown 47 >200 Light-colored, chlorine free forming oil suitable for forming of steel nuts and sleeves
M-3380DS Light Brown 70 >200 Viscosity enhancement product of M-3380D
M-3381G Dark Brown 60 >160 Difficult processing metals; front and rear extruding, hollowing, penetration and forming process
M-3381T Dark Brown 89 >200 Chlorine free, suitable for forming difficult materials
M-4482L Brown 90 >200 Strong shaping process