Introduction Products : SUN-SPUTTER is water soluble and used in welding.
Application :

  1. One way to conjoin metallic planks is by welding, and in order to create a continuity between two parts made with same or different materials, welding usually can be applied with heat, pressure, and sometimes with an intermediate or filer metal if necessary. The sputter occurs during the welding process, and it is also called the welding dust.
  2. The main function of SUN SPUTTER is to prevent dust from adhering or melting on plates but the incident of welding dust.

Merit :

  1. SUNSPUTTER is water soluble and friendly to environment. It applies oils to prevent anti-wear、enhance rust preventative、processing ability. The water soluble products usually cannot be applied evenly on the oily surface, but SUNSPUTTER RE-320FX can do.
  2. Good capability of degreasing and rust preventative.It has good effects that degrease after applying. And it does not worry about rust preventative problem for using the water soluble product.
  3. Neutral product, do not hurt the skin.

Benefit、Data : Preventing test of welding sputter(Wipe with a rag to confirm the ease of removing welding slag)

SUNSPUTTER RE-320FX(easily removed)

Other Products(cannot be removed)

Type Item Appearance PH Density(g/cm3) Application Specialty
Emulsification ASP-102-1 White 7.5 0.97 Spot welding of
stamping plate;
arc welding of
iron parts
Those products have good antirust and cleaning properties.
After water evaporation, the workpiece can avoid
the welding sputter adhering.
RE-320FX White 7.5 0.98
Light Yellow
A better film thickness can prevent the adhesion of more spatters during
laser welding, and it is not easy to drip due to better adhesion,
which can improve the working environment.