Introduction Products :
SUGICOAT has better lubricity and adherence than normal process oil.
Sugicoat can enhance the lubricity for difficult molding process.
We havemany types of lubricant coating agent for different materials and processes. We also design functional coating agent for various materials.

Type Solvent Type Item Appearance PH Flash Point °C Merit and Application
Forging process, reactive type coating agent, MS-601G can replace phosphate type
coatinq aqent
Soap Water DS-501AN Brown 11.8 - General application
Water DS-573N-1 White 8.5 - Steel; difficult process
Water MS-705M White 11.0 - General application
Water MS-870G White 9.2 - high lubricant、Anti-rust coating agent
Water MS-2169 White 7.0 - High performance product fo r cold forging process
Resin Water DS-501H White 7.6 - The additive to enhance the lubricity of lime coating
Solvent DS-481S Milky Yellow - >40 Drawing process, high lubricity coating agent, preventing workpiece from scratch
Water DS-680N White 11.5 - Drawing process, high lubricant performance coating agent
Type Solvent Item Appearance PH Flash point °C Merit and Application
Non-Graphite Type Water UR-220 Light Yellow 9.5 - Graphite replacement for hot forging
Water UR-301K Light Yellow 9.4 - Graphite replacement; low viscosity, easily be cleaned
Water UR-302G Light Yellow 9.3 - Graphite replacement
Additive Water UR-31NT White 6.0 - The additive to enhance the lubricity of hot forging process
Item Merit and Application
DS-880 Quick-drying four fluorine type spray agent; general application